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Bergamo is an all-birch plywood kitchen with sprayed painted plywood doors showing the plywood edges. The plywood frames surroundings the doors are grooved out for the handle grips. The frames area also grooved into each other. The worktop is solid polished concrete with strip of plywood set back from front edge to create a shallow gap all around.


  • Barazza 1plb2t 90cm hob
  • Elica Pandorable fan Prf0120979
  • Neff oven B6ach7hn0b
  • Neff microwave HLAWD53n0b
  • Neff full fridge Ki1813f30g
  • Neff full freezer GI7813e30g
  • Neff dishwasher S515t80d1g
  • Franke Sink PKX11045


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