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Choose A Contemporary Kitchen Design From The Mooney’s Designer Kitchen Line

When it comes to contemporary kitchens, you are in safe hands with Mooney’s. So what sets a contemporary kitchen apart from other types of kitchen? The simple answer is that contemporary kitchens are essentially designer kitchens; they are kitchens that are truly ‘designed’ rather than just planned and they make a strong statement about the owner or the living space within which they are installed.
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Creating A Contemporary Kitchen Requires Designer Kitchen Expertise

Contemporary kitchens have the most scope if you are looking for a truly one-of-a-kind kitchen. Almost anything goes when it comes to designing a contemporary kitchen and so choosing the right company to help you design, plan, manufacture and fit your designer kitchen is absolutely critical to achieving the result you want.

Contemporary kitchens are defined by innovation in everything. From the design to the choice and blending of materials, colours and textures, a designer kitchen does not conform to traditional kitchen design rules.

Contemporary kitchens are defined by high-gloss finish using acrylic, chrome and brushed steel. Detailing is minimalist with straight lines and hard corners and the kitchen will often have an ‘industrial’ or ‘clinical’ feel to it. Creating opposites in materials, textures and colours, to deliver stark contrasts of soft and hard, light and dark, smooth and rough, allow you to create a kitchen space which is totally unique and energetic in appearance.

Mooney’s – A Kitchen Company That Understands Contemporary Kitchen Design

Mooney’s knows that a contemporary kitchen is completely different to any other style of kitchen and requires very specialist knowledge, but creating a designer kitchen of the highest quality doesn’t have to be difficult and at Mooney’s we will help to make it an enjoyable process, so contact us to start designing your new kitchen or visit our showroom.

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